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  • The renowned ARMCHAIR INVESTOR TREND-FOLLOWING strategy is known for producing well above-market returns in just 5 minutes a day.  For example, in the first  half of 2020:
    • The S&P500 returned – 5.5% (a loss)
    • The Dow Jones Industrial Average returned – 9.6% (a loss)
    • The Nasdaq Index returned +11.5% (a gain)
    • The ARMCHAIR INVESTOR STRATEGY returned 39.5% in only 4 trades (a BIG gain!).
  • Detailed tables with critical market ratios, counts and ratings so you can better understand the health and riskiness of the current market.
  • Discussion of what those ratios, counts and ratings mean to you, the individual investor.
  • Ideas for where to focus your investing efforts such as:
    • What market action to watch for next and what to do when it happens,
    • Safer strategies for purchasing, selling and shorting stocks and ETFs,
    • How to build watch important lists,
    • What to look for in stocks more likely to take off soon.
    • How to protect your portfolio’s value.
PLEASE NOTE: The ARMCHAIR INVESTOR MARKET newsletter prodvides EDUCATION ONLY. NO RECOMMENDATIONS ARE EVERY MADE. You and you alone are responsible for the results of your investments.
Your information is NEVER sold or rented. You will occasionally receive additional information from the Armchair Investor about interesting educational information, articles, and training opportunities.
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