>>> Weekly Classes <<<

>>> Weekly Classes <<<

Armchair InvestorAt the ARMCHAIR INVESTOR, we focus in the “KEEP IT SIMPLE and SAFE” PRINCIPLE.

Learning how to make money in the stock market is not a weekend affair nor a one seminar project.

I learned to make money in the market by finding an extremely successful investor to be my coach and actively studying the markets each day. I made winning trades but a lot losers, too. So my first mission became to understand the difference. Using my coach, carefully documenting my trades and continuing my study, my winners became more and more frequent until I was able to close my other business to focus full-time on my trading.

Be assured! If I did it, so can you. If you are interested and willing to spend some time studying the stock market, you CAN learn to not only make money in the stock market, but beat the big, slow mutual funds.

My mission is to make your path to profitable investing easier… faster… more profitable… and more fun.

Keep reading to learn my winning approach in a nutshell….

REMEMBER: You work hard for you money.

Invest a little time each week and you can learn to make you money work hard for you!


With my success and knowledge base, I created weekly classes to train others in becoming successful investors. In these ongoing, weekly meetings, small groups of investors gather together to improve their investing knowledge, follow their stocks, analyze what went right and what went wrong and to explore new stock opportunities.

In these weekly classes, held live in Dallas, you will have the opportunity to answer these questions:

  • What is the direction and strength of the current market? [75% of stocks follow the market]
  • What are the top stocks to buy or watch right now?
  • Is it time to sell any stocks to minimize losses or pocket maximum gains?
  • Experience how investing works through the market cycles
  • Share your successes and examine your failures with other like-minded students
  • Further your investing knowledge every week

The Armchair Investor is the only group to offer on-going, live (not internet), weekly stock market investing classes in the country. At the Armchair Investor weekly classes, you will also:

  • Suggest stocks to review including the ones you own or are interested in
  • Develop your own list of investing rules (the disciplined, rule-following investor makes the best returns)
  • Become an “expert” in at least one stock and an industry group (your choice – what fascinates you?)


Keep reading to learn my winning approach in a nutshell….Find that are:

    • Profitable and growing (strong financial position)
    • Large enough to buy and to sell quickly
    • Breaking through to new price highs
    • Being heavily purchased by the “big money”

These companies are more likely to have big gains because they have proven, profitable track records (not just the promise of a good idea).

The Armchair Investor students tell me, “The weekly classes are invaluable to keep me on track to learning stock market investing.”


All ARMCHAIR INVESTOR classes are held in north Dallas. The class schedule is subject to change.

Please call first to reserve your seat here.

  • MONDAYs       7 – 9 p.m.
  • TUESDAYs          3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
  • WEDNESDAYs      10 A.M. – noon


If you would like to visit one on the ARMCHAIR INVESTOR classes as my guest (NO CHARGE), please call me at 214-995-6702 at least one day before the class. Or go to meetup

When you visit a ARMCHAIR INVESTOR class, you will receive:

  • A checklist of the key steps we use to finding winning stocks
  • A carefully selected list of investing books to study (from beginner to expert) including that first book I read which I still read cover-to-cover every year
  • A list of free web sites to go to to continue your education
  • An invitation to join the ARMCHAIR INVESTOR classes with subscription information

Call me now to reserve a seat at an upcoming class. The number of guests is limited to ensure the class moves smoothly for all.

I wish you, “Many Happy Returns,”
Charlotte Hudgin

The Armchair Investor

A note of CAUTION! Sadly, there are many investors who are willing to teach you how they invest. Some of them are well-intentioned, some just want your money. But my experience says that many DO NOT HAVE A CLUE how to beat the market. Choose wisely.

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